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Eric Pettigrew




WHEN YOUR HEART IS HEAVY Sat***ay 4 June,1994 When your heart is heavy And your thoughts just weigh you down And you think your life can never change And when the mirrored face each morning Greets you with a frown And every day just seems a losing game Just hold onto this simple thought And put your mind at ease And soon you'll get to lift the winner's cup For when the whims of fortune Bring you crashing to your knees The only way for you to go is up The hardest fight you'll ever face Is not against your foe Nor does it matter where you started out The road in life will sometimes lead you Where you want to go Or stop you cold and make you do without So be thankful for the smallest blessings God's bestowed on you For love and friends and memories and health And put an end to second guessing Things you know are true And win this life long battle with yourself. I've often watched the rain come down From out of leaden skies Spoiling plans and making days seem long But now I realize it's not the sun Which makes you wise It's hard times change the weak in you to strong So happiness will come again And touch you with its kiss And fortune will refill your empty cup I cannot tell you how or when I'll only tell you this Life's much too dear to think of giving up.

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