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Eric Pettigrew




THE CORRIDORS OF YOUR LIFE Down the corridor of your mind are many doors Who knows what lies behind them? Life makes you choose. In youth, hungry to win, afraid to lose Not wanting to disappoint, and eager to please You open them with ease. Some bring you failure, or its twin, success Some seem a certainty, others a guess You find many unimportant Or only means to ends Behind some lie enemies, A precious few hide friends. The trip down this corridor is a test To prove to yourself you have what it takes Focusing on your goal, ignoring the rest Savouring your victories, exposing mistakes You press on to be best. At some point down this corridor, far from the start When you least expect A new door opens to a journey apart You meet someone and suddenly connect And are led down the corridor of the heart. This new corridor is different though, Its journey lifelong Behind each door lessons are learned New emotions you couldn�t know Right and wrong the hard way earned Daily paid as feelings grow. These emotions conflict as inside you change You feel joy and doubt, Contentment and pain, The bitterness of loss and the sweetness of gain As solutions somehow work themselves out In this corridor decisions count Both when taken and later As consequences mount There are no victories, no defeats No false starts, no repeats Only the experience of life made greater. In this corridor you go forward and remember back Old scars heal When new feelings take their place Showing little behind a public face While inside you alone can know That like your inner thoughts, each scar is real. The corridor of the heart leads to love But there is a price to be paid For its end is the sum of all decisions made Of the anger you have felt Or the hurt you�ve been dealt Of all words good and bad you�ve said. But whatever the price this corridor exacts Through what is in your grasp Or beyond your control Without the sum of all its acts Your human life would not be whole For the corridor of the heart leads to your soul. Kew, England March 1998

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